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Bibliothèque Marc-Favreau
Quebec, Montréal, 2009
The competition for the Marc Favreau library in Rosemont arrived just in time to take an important step in the regeneration of the site's former municipal workshops. The site, located along a railway, was occupied by labour facilities disconnected from residential zoning, interrupting the regular fabric of the city. In the late 80\'s, a public consultation offered a shared vision suggesting a redevelopment strategy for the site. The bus terminal, subway station and the existing Art Deco building, dating back to 1932, defined a civil space offering great potential. The rest of the site would be dedicated to residential occupation. [...] more
Point Pleasant Park International Design Competition
Nova Scotia, Halifax, 2005
We often say that Canadians, proud of their great spaces, are particularly sensitive to the quality of the landscape. Beyond clichés, occurrences are few and far between. Out of a total of nearly 180 inventoried competitions since 1945, there are less than ten devoted to landscape. However, there is not a lack of talented landscape architects. Why do we defer the invention of tomorrow's landscape? [...] more
Concours de design de la plage de l'Est
Quebec, Montréal, 2013
A design competition for the Eastern Beach, (Montréal, 2013) The design competition of the Eastern Beach highlights a complexity that lies in the affirmation of an integrated architectural landscape gesture, whose intention is to mend ties between the river and the community of Montreal. In the context of this competition, this issue has resurfaced out of the need for an integrative approach between the work of both landscape architects and architects. The collaborative efforts between the two disciplines stood out and the observed complementarity of their approaches was the decisive element in the selection of the winners. [...] more
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Edmonton Park Pavilions (2011): 1 single jury for 5 simultaneous competitions
Edmonton Park Pavilion : Borden Park
by Hugo Duguay , published 2016-01-26
Living in the city center
L'art de vivre en ville Thème A:Les familles acheteuses d'une première maison
by Anne Cormier , published 2006-10-01
Brainstorming Vancouver
FormShift Vancouver : Primary
by Camille Crossman, published 2011-04-22
Selected announcements
Young Architects Competition: Military Museum
End of Registration: June 17th 2018 Submission: June 20th 2018
This is a YAC competition in collaboration with the Italian Government in order to transform the Military Fortress of Capo d'Orso into a museum of the military, marine and navigation history. It will be a place where the account of the events that occurred in this sea stretch can originate one of the most fascinating museums of the Mediterranean. It will attract the millions of tourists who crowd these coasts every year. It will be the new foundation to build a civilization of peace and solidarity.
XENOS Initiative: Solar Ecosystem
End Registration: March 31st 2018 Submission: May 23rd 2018
In collaboration with the Canadian Space Agency, the Cosmodome, the Research Center in Astrophysics of Quebec, the Notman House and the Student Council of the Faculty of Planning of the University of Montreal, this new project finally united the world of design and science with a unique proposition in Canada. The competition, open to all Canadian university students in the fields of architecture, design, interior design and physics, will present an exclusive exhibition and award more than $ 1,000 in prizes. during the opening.
arch out loud: DWELL
End Registration: Avril 20th 2018 Submission: May 1st 2018
arch out loud challenges competition entrants to design a mixed dwelling development on one of the last undeveloped sections of Mumbai's coastline. Entrants will design for both the indigenous fishing community that has occupied the site for hundreds of years - as well as a new demographic drawn to the affluent neighborhood that now encompasses the site. Proposals should identify architectural and planning solutions that support integration between these socio-economically distinct communities.
Matera, City of Culture: A Museum for the Ancient City
End Registration: April 15th 2018 Submission: April 30th 2018
In the context of an ancient city, the contest aims to imagine the new Museum of Culture, a catalyst of tradition that can better represent the historical elements that make up the identity of the city. Exhibitions, local craft halls and an art workshop laboratory will connect visitors and the public to create new synergies. The Matera Museum will combine the traditions of the past with contemporary needs.
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