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More Than Waiting For The Bus / En plus d'attendre le bus - Site 4

Stage 1
Anne Wolff + Eve Gagnon-Levert (Canada) (Winner)
Junxing Lu + Zhixin Guo + Qinwei + Suqin Jia (Chine) (Mention)
Drew Miller + Karine Lachance (Canada) (Mention)
Hyunje Joo (Allemagne)
Charles Lopez + Ghiles Djelouah (Canada)
Olivier Guertin + Xavier Crépeau-Bellefeuille (Canada)
Mira Baba + Mohammad Hossein Manshaei + Anja Novkovic + Jeremy Tessier (Canada)
Malgorzata Katarzyna Wyszynska + Aleksandra Elzbieta Konstanciak (Pays-Bas + Pologne)
Mingrui Wang + Weicheng Jiang + Xueqi Shi + Xiaohui Wang + Feng Nie + Rongchuang Wang + Haoran Tian (Chine)
Wang Guangzu + FuShengLong (Chine)
Kristina Golub + Olena Tyshkevych + Yunasheva Maryna + Chengzhuo Yang + Mingshuai Lin (Ukraine)
Joffrey About + Noël Picaper (Belgique)
Zhang Qinqing + Zhou Yuanyuan + Zhou Yujia (Chine)
Azzam Atae + El Hajji Ilyas (Canada)
Akshaya Bhaskar (Étas-Unis)
Vid Bogovic + Vlasta Damjanovic + Andraz Hudoklin + Lara Gligic + Laura Klenovsek + Sasa Kolman (Slovénie)
Yan Zhang + Jing Xiao + Linlin Fan + Lan Lan + Yue Wang (Chine)
Weizi Xu + Yizheng Zhan (Chine)
Mahek Khan + Althaf Hussain Khan + Eesha Keskar (Inde)
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