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" Bubbles and Drawings for a New Library "
by , published
Having become a third place, peaceful refuge and opening on the world, the library is emblematic of these "architectures of knowledge" in Quebec commented in the beautiful book published by Jacques Plante in 2013 (1). The library, as summarized by Lise Bissonnette in the preface to the book, would be an idea, before being a piece of furniture or a building. As old as writing or reading, this idea is, according to the author, to group and put in order multiple knowledge transcribed so that they become accessible, to the specialist as to the curious, in hospitality and light : “Today's library is strong - adds the former founding director of the Grande Bibliothèque du Québec - if it contradicts the turmoil and agitation of the world (…) The architect agrees by offering it light, coming from the outside during the day, radiating from the inside at night, under heights that let the calm of reflection float ”(2). [...] more
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More Than Waiting For The Bus / En plus d'attendre le bus - Site 1
Quebec, Montréal, 2017
The competition asked to reflect on the reinvigoration of public spaces around 4 bus stops situated on Sherbrooke Street East in Montreal. Open to students and graduates of less than 5 years in the fields of architecture, design, landscape and urban design, this ideas competition sought both designs that are environmentally engaging; and a series of principles that could be adopted for future implementation in collaboration with the City of Montreal, the STM and private landowners. The chosen slogan, “MORE THAN WAITING FOR THE BUS” invites designers to reflect on contemporary approaches that can help invigorate these spaces in interactive, poetic, critical and meaningful ways: from solely utilitarian to more multi-purposed spaces surrounding bus stops. [...] more
Pan Am Games Award - Pavilion Competition
Ontario, Toronto, 2010
One year before the 2016 Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, athletes from over forty countries in the Americas will gather in Toronto for the Pan American Games. The area of the city chosen for these games lies to the east of the downtown core, thus extending the urban renewal that had begun several decades prior in the St. Lawrence Market area and Distillery District. The chosen area lies immediately north of the waterfront, where a need for redevelopment resulted in several major design competitions dealing with questions of urban landscape. [...] more
Bibliothèque Marc-Favreau
Quebec, Montréal, 2009
The competition for the Marc Favreau library in Rosemont arrived just in time to take an important step in the regeneration of the site's former municipal workshops. The site, located along a railway, was occupied by labour facilities disconnected from residential zoning, interrupting the regular fabric of the city. In the late 80\'s, a public consultation offered a shared vision suggesting a redevelopment strategy for the site. The bus terminal, subway station and the existing Art Deco building, dating back to 1932, defined a civil space offering great potential. The rest of the site would be dedicated to residential occupation. [...] more
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Dominion Housing Act Small House Competition
by Éléanor Juste, published 2019-11-05
One step forward, two steps back
Centre Culturel Notre-Dame-de-Grâce
by Camille Crossman, published 2012-12-01
Private competitions: Anamorphosis of profitability
Tip Top Tailors
by Jacques Lachapelle , published 2007-01-01
Selected announcements
Sudbury 2050 - Urban design ideas competition
Subissions deadline: August 28, 2020
A progressive competition that is being led by the McEwen School of Architecture (MSoA) in collaboration with the community. It is a competition, that offers the opportunity for entrants to think creatively about a city's complete urban core. The goal of this Urban Design Ideas Competition is to explore a wide range of options and opportunities for the evolution of the city's urban core and to ultimately set out urban design principles, that will guide its future development.
architecture at zero 2020 competition
Registration Deadline: April 17, 2020 Submission Deadline: May 11, 2020
The objective of this competition is to rethink the library of the future by reaching the net zero energy footprint. Located in Hollister, California, the library aims to provide an accessible space and an attractive meeting point for community members. The competition is open to students, practicing architects, urban planners, engineers and others from all over the world.
19th Annual CISC Architectural Student Design Competition
Deadline for receipt of entries: May 15, 2020
The Canadian Institute of Steel Construction (CISC) is inviting architecture students to design an observation tower made entirely of structural steel, in profile or slabs. Although more theoretical projects are also valued, participants will be expected to demonstrate a good understanding of the material and its possibilities as well as to present the elaboration of achievable details. CISC also offers participating students the opportunity to design in collaboration with local steel manufacturers. The winning team will receive a prize of $3,000.
RE-Stock London Housing Competition
Registration Deadline: May 12, 2020 Submission Deadline: June 17, 2020
The RE-Stock London Housing architecture competition is the Bartlett School of Architecture initiative in partnership with Bee Breeders Architecture Competition Organisers and ARCHHIVE BOOKS where participants are asked to look at existing iconic council housing and RE-visit, RE-imagine, RE-invigorate and RE-think them. Looking at different iconic housing schemes, participants are free to either extend these existing buildings and transform them, or by echoing their spirit with newly design buildings on a site of their choice within London.
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