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Canadian Small House Competition / Concours canadien pour de petites maisons

Stage 1
G. Burniston & J. Storey (Maritimes) (Winner)
Roland Dumais (Québec) (Winner)
E. C. S. Cox (Ontario) (Winner)
Andrew P. Chowick (Prairies) (Winner)
E. A. Mulford (Ouest canadien) (Winner)
Michael G. Dixon (Maritimes) (Second Prize)
Michael G. Dixon (Québec) (Second Prize)
John C. Parkin (Ontario) (Second Prize)
A. B. Stovel (Prairies) (Second Prize)
Harry Leblond (Ouest canadien) (Second Prize)
Kent Barker (Maritimes) (Third Prize)
David J. Moir (Québec) (Third Prize)
Henry Fliess (Ontario) (Third Prize)
Edwin Raines (Prairies) (Third Prize)
Hugh M. Farmer (Ouest canadien) (Third Prize)
Harold C. Beckett (Maritimes) (1st Mention)
Jean Michaud (Québec) (1st Mention)
Robert A. Huddleston (Ontario) (1st Mention)
C.A.E. Fowler (Prairies) (1st Mention)
A.W. Gray (Ouest canadien) (1st Mention)
Stanley W. Emmerson (Maritimes) (2nd Mention)
A. Henri Tremblay (Québec) (2nd Mention)
Charles R. Worsley (Ontario) (2nd Mention)
Robt. W. Siddall (Prairies) (2nd Mention)
George Barr (Ouest canadien) (2nd Mention)
Jean Favreau (Québec) (3rd Mention)
William Ralston (Ontario) (3rd Mention)
R. A. D. Berwick (Prairies) (3rd Mention)
R. A. D. Berwick (Ouest canadien) (3rd Mention)
Victor Laliberté (Québec) (4th Mention)
Merrill W. Baker (Ontario) (4th Mention)
G. C. Lount (Praries) (4th Mention)
J. Douglas Hunter (Ouest canadien) (4th Mention)
Jacques-Yves Langlois (Québec) (5th Mention)
Charles R. Worsley (Ontario) (5th Mention)
Roy T. Gordon (Prairies) (5th Mention)
Frederick S. Brodie (Ouest canadien) (5th Mention)
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